Episode 29

Published on:

26th Jun 2024

029: Transformative Women Leadership with Shelli Warren

In this episode of the SPEAKPact podcast, host Antoniette Roze dives into the world of women's leadership with guest Shelli Warren. Shelli shares her journey from a gymnastics coach to a leading voice in women's leadership. They explore how women can rise in leadership roles, the significance of supportive female networks, and the challenges women face in male-dominated industries. Shelli discusses her podcast 'Stacking Your Team,' and provides insightful advice on how emerging speakers can break into the industry, presenting themselves as the ideal choice for event planners. Shelli also emphasizes the importance of being flexible, understanding event needs, and consistently delivering outcomes. This episode is rich with strategies for sustaining a prosperous speaking career through service, preparation, and authenticity.

00:53 Shelli Warren's Journey to Women's Leadership

03:17 The Importance of Women Supporting Women

06:32 Challenges and Inequities in the Speaking Industry

10:16 Strategies for Women to Succeed in Speaking

15:41 Building Relationships Through Service

29:17 The Importance of Consistent Messaging

31:01 Critical Marketing Assets for Speakers

31:32 The Role of Professional Photography

37:00 Dressing Appropriately for Events

43:44 Introducing the Stacking Your Team Podcast

46:52 Signature Phrases and Personal Branding

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